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Thailand Journey and the fitness lifestyle

Thailand Journey and the fitness lifestyle

While in Europe the temperatures are freezing cold in February the heat in BKK is blistering hot. Anyway a gym session in the well known Muscle Factory BKK isnt something I could miss. While I was supposed to hand over vigorous steve a Phanger to promote it on his Youtube Channel I was meeting spontanously Dr. Tony Huge. I just finished my back workout and moved over to shoulders while I saw Tony eating his pre workout meal. Live and in color we chattet a bit about Testosterone replacement therapy and the benefits from it. While I highly believe the benefits of TRT at age over 35 and diagnosed low levels of T I doubt that the generous supplementation of Androgen steroids is useful on the longrun. A too high exposure will lead to higher blood pressure, higher hämaglobin, higher hämatokrit und superior ferritin saturation. A low dosed TRT will be still a game changer for men which lack in Testosterone. 

So far so good Vigorous Steve said that the Penis Hanger and Penis Enlargement isnt something that fits in his youtube channel and I can understand it. Generally caucasians who live in southeast asia who are already above average scale of their penis will be very huge for most asian women. Young men who explore the benefits of a bigger penis with women who likes it are getting addicted to it, in a healthy way. 

BTW after this shot we went in the evening to the Khao San Road and after the Mango Smoothie I was knocked out for 2 days. 


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