women is happy about men as he use penis hanger

P-HANGER® You are dedicated to fitness, why dont you train your whole body?

Rob himself the founder of Penis Hanger for Penis Enlargement

My Journey

Rob - 35 years old. Hitting the Gym for more than 21 years. I was excited if there is something to train our unit as well. I was already above average in length & girth but I just wanted to try it and dedicated myself into this topic. Unfortunately I lost a lot of time with useless products which dont get the gains which they claimed. Indeed they were okay for minor gains about 0,5inches. What else can you expect from low force extender? Right, nothing!

Hence I decided to build my own product which is one of the best products on the Market for effective permanent Penisenlargement.

Hanging is the Gold Standard for Real Penis Enlargement. After 2,5 years of hanging every day I gained more than 2 inches in length and 2 inches in girth.

The fact of weight and time in the Hanger beats every Marketing scam out there - and Science proofs it.

Mail: info@penis-hanger.de

You are warmly invited to contact us

Penis Enlargement is a Journey you wont regret!

Unlike other products that use springs or vacuum, the penis-hanger is the most effective method for natural penis enlargement. You won’t feel like wasting time, as you can easily do other things besides, like watching TV, reading a good book or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair.

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INNOVATIVE PENIS ENLARGEMENT PRINCIPLE: The penile exit angle is an indicator of the potential for length gain. Over time, the ligament straightens and the angle of emergence shifts downward
EASY TO USE: On a cloth and theraband, the penis extender is installed with the adjustment screws and weight. Then hang straight down from the edge of a chair in the supine position
The Ligamentum Suspensorium needs to be stretched
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Gain 2-3 inches in length and girth

The primary goal of “hanging” is to stretch the suspensory ligament and thus to enlarge your genitals – a process, which can take up to years. In a penile surgery, the suspensory ligament is cut, which will cause the penis to descend and shift forward. Hence, the internal course of the penis is straightened out and the shape will be less bent.

Between the chucks Penis Hanging for effective Penis Enlargement

BTC Hanging

Hanging BTC "Between the chucks" is the most efficient way to losen up the ligamentum and straighten the inner relief of the Penis. During this process you will already be able to gain more than an inch.

Of course you can also stay during hanging but a chair with angled seating position (like in the picture) will provide the highest level of comfort during hanging.

Hence, the internal course of the penis is straightened out and the shape will be less bent.

To see improvements quickly, you need to use the hanger every day for 1,5 hours as the suspensory ligament needs to be stretched over and over again in order to expand it.

Start off with 1lb and slowly increase the weight (+10% per week). I achieved most of my gains between 4-7Kg (8-14lb)

Increasing the weight too quickly might cause pain, because the vessels and the ligament need to get used to the weights (just as muscles need to when you lift weights at the gym).  

Use the Hanger no longer than 40 minutes to stimulate blood circulation.

In addition, you should take short breaks between sets. 

Video: Hanging the Mecca of Penis Enlargement


Video: How to apply the Hanger

Penis hanger applied on the Penis itself


Works as advertised. Of all the PE methods I've tried, to date this is hands down the most reliable way to hang over 5lbs. I've managed to reach 10lbs during testing, and it feels like it'll hold up under even more. All the other methods I've tried inevitably fail for me due to slippage around 4lbs. It can be avoided, but it involves a lot of tedious adjusting and readjusting every few minutes and that sort of defeats the point. Once this is applied correctly, it's not going anywhere until you decide to take it off.


This seems identical/VERY similar in design to Bib's hardcore hanger. Bib is known for inventing what are considered the best penis hangers. [though BIB's website seems a bit dated, so you have to send e-mails to him with payments and requesting the hanger you want before he will make you one.] That made it more convenient for me to get this German one. They also send it with a Theraband wrap, which I wasn't expecting and didn't appear in the description. Good item. They shipped it in only a few days, from Frankfurt I think. The package description (to get through customs) was something like a device to help with a medical condition.

Amazon Customer

It's normal to be intimidated by a device like this, I certainly was at first, but you *will* see real results as long as you follow some basic guidelines: be patient and diligent in your hanging routine, start with small weights to find your comfort zone*, pay attention to the instructions, and exercise common sense. *I recommend 5lb or heavier set of small fractional weight plates, there are many available on Amazon with Prime shipping and eBay for about $20-$30


Happy with the product and functionality. Customer service is superb as well! Product arrived with a cloth wrap an rubber wrap as well for grip.

Junior Rodriguez

great product and excellent customer service. works perfect and is very comfortable once you get through the adjusting the size part. if you follow the instructions and go slow on the weight you can get what you want from this.

Amazon.com - Mileedge

Nofretete Klinik Bonn

Doctor proofed

“The penis hanger is a novel device used for penis enlargement. In contrast to other stretching devices, where only the glans is fixed and the penis is stretched in an angled way, this hanger actually fixes the whole penis.

Due to a specifically designed hanger, you can achieve an extension and enlargement of the suspensory ligament. The advantage of this novel method is that, after getting used to the device, the user himself can set his limits and can increase the weights (to up to six to eight kg) according to his tolerance and needs.

This method can be applied in a short period of time, for instance after work at home, and will still be effective. Especially in the postoperative phase after a penis enlargement surgery and after the wound healing period, I find this device to be very helpful and its use is highly recommended, since the stretching prevents the scarred tissue from growing back together in a short manner.”

(Nofretete Klink, Bonn - Germany)


Money back guarantee

If your not achiieving gains with the P-hanger we guarantee a refund


We ship worldwide without extra fees.

Tracking ID will be provided after purchasement

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