Why/How to Stretch the Side Ligamentum

Why/How to Stretch the Side Ligamentum - P-Hanger

Why and How should we stretch the Side Ligamentum`s? 

Let assume you are already hanging for a couple of months and you achieved already some serious Penis length and girth gains. Even increasing weight doesnt feel anymore such a challenge, you just dont feel the burning sensation of the stretched ligamentum suspensorium anymore. 

In this case you should stretch your side ligaments it will release Ligaments in their full capacity and potential. The side Ligaments can hold and pause the whole process if they are not stretched at some point in time. 

While the front ligaments in the Penis are the strongest und biggest we dont attack the side ligamentum just by hanging between the chucks. 

Done this right you will loosen up your ligamentum suspensorium completely any clinical penis enlargement surgery would be completely worthless. Furthermore your Tunica and Septum will be stretched as well in the process of Penis Hanging with real weights. The inner part of your penis will straighten out and the inner part of the penis will be pushed more outwards. 

How to Stretch the Side Ligamentum`s?

In order to attack the side ligaments you`ll only need to rotate your torso. Just rotate your hipe whiley sitting. You will sit more or less on your left or right hip while hanging still between the legs. 

On my Instagram Channel I posted 3 pictures how this should look like. 

Stretching the Side Ligamentum for effective natural Penis enlargement without surgery


Stretching the Side Ligamentum for effective natural Penis enlargement without surgery


The importance of stretching the side ligaments for penis enlargement


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