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Ride5 and Phanger on a Superbike BMW S1000RR
BMW Superbike

We love racing - Sex, Racing & Rock n Roll

Thanks to the community we can play in the new Milestone Videogame Ride 5 unique Phanger liveries. You can download them from the customised portal directly in Ride 5.  Its called PHSuit, PHBMW, PH...

Become an Affiliate for Phanger

Become an Affiliate for Phanger

Become an Affiliate for Penis Enlargement is a sensitive topic with a lot of misslead information. Medical clinics as well as big companies are telling us THE best method for Penis enla...

Stretching the Side Ligamentum for effective natural Penis enlargement without surgery

Why/How to Stretch the Side Ligamentum

Why and How should we stretch the Side Ligamentum`s?  Let assume you are already hanging for a couple of months and you achieved already some serious Penis length and girth gains. Even increasing w...

anabolicdocMy TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy Experience

My TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy Experience

Folks,  This one will be a bigger story to let you fully understand my background.  1. My Youth: Started with Levothyroxin. Since I was a child between the age of 7-10 I needed to start Iodine as m...

average penis sizePenis size comparison charts

How do you compare?

How do you compare to the average size stats?  1. Very Small 108x95mm 2. Small 128x108mm 3 Average 148x122mm 4. Big 167x135mm 5. Very Big 187x148mm Compare your penis size with several porn stars l...

bigger penisThailand Journey and the fitness lifestyle

Thailand Journey and the fitness lifestyle

During my trip to Bangkok I visited the muscle factory gym in Bangkok BKK and handed over vigorous steve a Penis Hanger for Promotion. Spontanously Rob from phanger also met Dr. Tony Huge live and ...