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Why is the phanger superior to vacuum hangers

Why is the phanger superior to vacuum hangers - P-Hanger

Pros and Cons of Phanger compared to Vac Hanger

 Are you aware of how Marketing hit us all? Exactly like this Blog there are many other ones who promise that their product works and claim to have the perfect recipe for penis enlargement. 
Let me explain why there is no shortcut and Vacuum Hanger are not the right tool to reach your maximal length and girth gains. 

Pros of Phanger

  • Phanger hit the Ligaments more directly as you attach the hanger to the erectile tissue instead to the glans. The ligament is stretched in a more direct way. 
  • You stretch Skin at the base as well which is much needed. If you want to have a bigger unit you need also more skin, skin stretching is part of the game and occurs automatically. 
  • You will be able to handle a lot more weight with the Phanger than with Vacuum Hangers. Usually you will experience pain around the glans and blisters with Vacuum hanger. Your gains will slow down without stretching the ligament in a direct way and with too less weight.
  • Experience impressive Base girth gains through the Phanger, while pushing a part of the inner Penis outwards many of you will experience a huge increase in girth at the base.

Pros of Vac Hanger

  • Easier to attach.


Get it done right from the beginning by using a conventional Hanger.

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