Phanger Clamp to increase Penisgirth

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Phanger Clamp to increase Penisgirth

The Penis Clamp is a great way to add Penisgirth over time by pressurizing and thus expanding the blood vessels in your penis. Our clamp is superior to others sold because of its push button release. You don’t want to take risks when using a clamp and a quick easy release is very important. (its used in erect state)

Penis Clamping to increase Penisgirth - Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long should I leave the penis clamp on? The basic rule of thumb per clamping session is 10 minutes. Leaving the clamp on for 10 minutes is the safest way to clamp. You can always add more sets if you do not believe you are getting a maximum workout.

2. While penis clamping, my erection slowly subsides quite a bit. Is this normal? Yes. This is completely normal. However, your penis should still be engorged and plumped. If it consistently turns completely flaccid, try clamping down a few more notches, changing your wrap, or adding another clamp.

3. Does penis clamping help with penislength gains? In most cases the answer is: no. 
Try the Penis-Hanger, which also adds much girth on the shaft of the penis.


First you should hang until you reached your length goal, than you can focus on clamping.